Yicun Liu

I am an M.S. student in Computer Science at Columbia University, currently working with Prof. John R. Kender on video and text understanding. Before that, I received my B.Eng degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where I was fortunate to work with Prof. Loy Change Chen.

I interned at: Yahoo! Paranoids on data and security infrastructure / SenseTime Research on computer vision and machine learning research.

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My interests mainly lie at the intersection of viusal perception, language interpretation, and visual arts; this includes but is not limited to 3D vision, computational photography, and video understanding.

Visually Imbalanced Stereo Matching
Yicun Liu, Jimmy Ren, Jiawei Zhang, Jianbo Liu, Mude Lin
In Submission, 2019

Resemble to the human visual system (HVS), stereo machines collapse under imbalanced stereo inputs. We show that guided by the rough object contour, the corrupted view can be restored, and stereopsis can be regenerated.

Learning Selfie-Friendly Abstraction from Artistic Style Images
Yicun Liu, Jimmy Ren, Jianbo Liu, Jiawei Zhang, Xiaohao Chen
The 10th Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML), 2018
pdf / video / code / bibtex

By exploiting the properties of the gradient domain, we establish a selfie-friendly stylization framework that preserved natural skin color and facial structure.

Improving Mobile Phone's Image Quality by Deep Learning
Cen Huang*, Yicun Liu*, supervised by Prof. Loy Change Chen

Final Year Thesis (Undergraduate), 2018
pdf / slides

We bridge the gap of image quality in mobile phones and DSLRs by designing a multi-domain image translation framework, which learns the comprehensive enhancement transformation from heterogeneous real-world datasets.

Course Projects

Understanding MOBA Player Experience: What Can We Know from Social Big Data?
J. Fan*, C. Huang*, Yicun Liu*, X. Lyu*, Z. Wang*, supervised by Prof. Rosanna Yuen-Yan Chan

Technical Report, 2017
pdf / dataset

Based on over 400K posts crawled from League of Legends NA forum, we establish a framework that assesses the player experience from the sentiment polarity of the posts.

Forward Private Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption: A Review
Yicun Liu, supervised by Prof. Sherman S. M. Chow

Technical Report, 2016
pdf / slides

Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption (DSSE) aims at making possible queries and updates over an encrypted database on an untrusted server, with minimum exposure about user data to the server.

MulappyBird: A Multi-Player Flappy Bird Game
Yicun Liu, Yuxin Liu, 2017


A modified flappy bird game on Cortex-M3 embedded platform that supports interactive battle of two players through keyboard and multi-touch control.

Pixelmon: A Pixelized Pokemon Game
Yicun Liu, Di Qi, 2016


A pixelized pokemon game using WPF framework and C#. Characteristics like battlefields, storylines with unique endings are included.

Reviewer, IEEE WACV, 2020

Head TA, COMS 4731 Computer Vision, 19 Fall

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